How to Resolve 'Memory Stick Error' in Sony DSC-F707 Digital Camera

Published: 18th February 2010
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Sony DSC-F707 is a Cyber-shot camera with 5 megapixel CCD (Charge-Coupled Device) imager. The camera is a successor of Sony DSC-F505V and has a range of professional features to offer. Sony DSC-F707 features nightshot and nightframe mode, pre-flash metering, high zoom and resolution, and various other options that make it a prime choice among users. In the context of data storage, this camera was shipped with a 16 MB memory stick, however one could use a larger storage card as well. When it comes to data preservation, Sony DSC-F707 users require to adhere to tips like not turning off the camera unexpectedly, not removing the card from reader without letting the data transfer operation to complete, and more. Not abiding by these rules can result in corruption of the memory stick and hence data inaccessibility. These are some situations when a Digital camera photo recovery comes to your rescue.

A Sony DSC-F707 owner can encounter different symptoms and error messages that might suggest the corruption of the associated memory stick. One such error that typically occurs when trying to access the card from Sony DSC-F707 camera is:

"Memory Stick Error"

This error doesn't allow you to view or access the files stored on the memory stick.

Apart from corruption, 'Memory Stick Error', can also occur due to camera issues. To rectify that, one should try following:

1.Resetting the Sony DSC-F707 camera to default factory settings

2.Reinserting the memory stick in camera

3.Recharging or replacing the batteries

4.Trying to read the memory stick from card reader

In case none of the above solutions helps, the memory stick of Sony DSC-F707 is most probably corrupted. You can make it reusable and capable to store more data by reformatting it within camera, but the operation is generally suggested when a good backup of data is available. If not, user is recommended to use a Digital camera data recovery utility to extract data out of the corrupted memory stick.

The Digital camera photo recovery software are high-end tools that can locate and recover lost photos with scanning power, from corrupted or formatted digital storage media. It supports almost all digital cameras and is available for both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.

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